30 May – 1 June 2014: Really camping with the grandkids

We’ve tried taking a grandchild along on a camping trip before, but only one. This time it was the Full Monty: three of ’em. Michelle (age 7) and Rachel (age 4) (daughters of our daughter, Jennifer) and Ansley (age 5) (daughter of our son, Cliff). Admittedly, we had Jennifer and Cliff with us for the first night, and Cliff for the second, but still the question demanded an answer: what would happen with three little girls confined to a campground for 3 days? And the answer is now in: it’s wonderful!

So, off we went to Holiday Campground, Site #79, on West Point Lake.

IMG_3165 (Custom)

We arrived Friday, just after lunch, after a L-O-N-G road trip of approximately 4 miles. OK, so we’re chicken. We wanted to be close enough that (1) we didn’t have to worry about how the kids would take to a long trip, and (2) we had an easy bail-out option if necessary.

20140530 IMG_0873 (Custom)

From that point on, the three girls basically entertained themselves, focusing on three kiddish endeavors: playing with dolls and reading up in their “secret fort” (AKA the overhead, drop-down bunk); playing on the “beach” (what some people might call the muddy shoreline); and playing in the water.

IMG_3167 (Custom) 20140530 IMG_0874 (Custom)

IMG_3160 (Custom)

20140531 IMG_3608 (Custom) 20140530 IMG_0888 (Custom)

Oh, and there were smatterings of eating, bike riding, and a few other miscellaneous activities thrown in. Mercifully, though, no TV.

20140530 IMG_0899 (Custom) 20140601 IMG_0916 (Custom)

20140530 IMG_3543 (Custom)

IMG_1677 (Custom)

And, of course, s’mores:

IMG_1713 (Custom)

And I have no idea what this is.

20140531 IMG_0910 (Custom)

All things considered, I’d say the trip was a great success. Of course, we’re still a ways away (like maybe 4 years?) from doing a trip like this unchaperoned, but with just a little help, this is a great way to spend a weekend and we’re ready for another one!


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