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16-20 March 2016: One More Time-Another FMCA Convention

So, I keep saying that these sorts of things really aren’t my cup of tea, yet I keep going back. What gives? I’m not sure, but I may be wrong on the cup-of-tea thing. At least in part.

20160316 IMG_0636 (Small)

I had to fly the Army flag … too many Navy flags around to let the challenge go unanswered.

A big part of RV rallies is definitely not me: I don’t do the social things, crafts, or games. But there are aspects of these rallies that definitely are valuable. This year, for example, I attended seminars on RV insurance (two), WiFi enhancements, suspension components, satellite television, and how to handle mail while on the road. All of those were extremely useful. And I visited booths to chat up the vendors regarding hitches and tow bars, satellite receiver mounts, WiFi boosters, campgrounds, accessories, and transmission performance enhancements. Again, all useful (even if “useful” in the sense of informing me about what I don’t want). And, on top of all of that, the RV community comprises people that are more than willing to share experiences, good and bad, about brands, upgrades, options, accessories, and travels. Getting together with a few thousand chatty, experienced, like-minded people is a good way to shortcut the learning curve.

20160316 FMCA Perry Aerial (Small)

Georgia State Fairgrounds (Perry, Georgia) with well over 2000 motor homes scattered about.

Plus, within limited spheres, even the social aspect is OK. I attended the Military Veterans Chapter dinner (and volunteered to be chapter treasurer), and enjoyed sitting around with some hams talking about radio stuff (even though the Amateur Radio Chapter didn’t have a meeting).

Wendy was still laid up with the foot annoyance, and the experience would have been better had she been there. But will we go to other rallies (both FMCA conventions and chapter rallies) in the future? We’ve already decided that it would be appropriate to go to these large-scale conventions every couple years or so (assuming they’re somewhat in the neighborhood), plus chapter rallies whenever convenient. So, maybe we do indeed like this kind of tea in our cups.