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1-4 November 2012: Good Sam Rally, Daytona Beach, FL

As promised a few posts ago, here we are at the Good Sam Rally. One-and-a-half of the reasons for being here were negated by circumstances: the on-road driving course wasn’t available during our time frame, and Katharine McPhee got replaced with Kenny Rogers. (I guess giving Kenny Rogers 1/2-credit for Katharine McPhee is about right.) And I got chained to the laptop working for a large part of Friday. But still, we continue to learn more and more about our latest version of the RV experience. I took seminars on satellite TV and traveling Alaska; Wendy took seminars on RV cooking, cleaning, and such. I managed to buy more stuff. (I’m learning that one of the great things about a motorhome is that you can never have enough gadgets–suits me just fine.)

ACE parked among the crowd (proudly flying US and Army flags):

One of the neat things was seeing the displays of classic RVs (and their classic tow vehicles):

Remember my post about how weird it is for ex-backpacking-hippies to be traveling around in a motorhome? This ain’t backpacking:

Kenny Rogers on Friday night:

Reba on Saturday night:

Still, this may be it for mega-rallies: we seem to have exhausted the seminar offerings, and when we have a weekend to get away, somehow this isn’t our idea of the perfect atmosphere:

I might still like to try smaller, focused rallies of various types. Further musings on that option to follow.

Next trip? December will be the Army-Navy game, so nothing then. We’ve scheduled a trip to the Topsail Hill State Park in January, traveling with my good friend and his wife. We are definitely going to Fort Wilderness in February. Woo hoo! After that, nothing planned…

Statistics for the trip:
Total cost of the trip: $756.25 (includes $429 rally fee)
Total distance traveled: 903 miles
Average mileage: 8.95 mpg
Range of mileage: 8.5 to 11.5 mpg