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12-14 April 2013: West Point Lake

OK, so it’s a little weird to go “camping” four miles from our house. Except that we’ve got our granddaughter with us, and little kids think “camping” is special, even if it’s in the driveway. And also, we plan to take the grandkids with us on trips from time to time, so this makes for a perfect shakedown trip: one grandchild, good weather, with home just a few minutes away in case we need to beat a hasty retreat.

So, all site up at Site 79, Holiday Campground, West Point Lake:


The next day it’s breakfast…


Followed by playing at the playground and making new friends…


Followed by several hours of building a really awesome canal system at the lake so that … um … I forget … because that’s what six-year-olds do?


At one point, for reasons that defy anything but canine logic, Sally-the-Wonder-Dachshund decided to wade into the water and drag the leaves and sticks out of the water and onto the shore. Since we had a pretty stiff onshore breeze, the task for formidable. Check out the video in the photo album linked below.

Then dinner…


And finally, sitting by the campfire at the end of the day, preparing the obligatory s’mores…


All things considered, I’d say the trip was pretty successful. We ended up surprisingly worn out, but now well informed on the demands of traveling in a motorhome with a six-year-old. I suppose the next test will be to take two at once, with the objective of learning whether it’s harder (like geometrically harder) or easier (because they can keep themselves entertained). We shall see… Here’s a link to the photo album.