22-24 June 2012: Shakedown cruise

We have a dozen or so campgrounds within 30 minutes of our house, so it was only natural to make our first trip to one of those: easy to get to and easy to get back to the house if necessary. So we went to Holiday Campground, one of the many fine Corps of Engineers campgrounds at West Point Lake. And the verdict on our new ACE 30.1? Wow! Everything about it is completely perfect.

The unit fits nicely in a Corps-sized site:


Even Sally, the wonder miniature long-haired Dachshund, likes it:


So we spent the weekend exploring Ace’s features (OK, so we gave our RV a name and its name is its manufacturer’s model name … pretty lame), reading manuals, and trying to understand those systems that were completely new to us (like levelers, generator, etc.)

Now it’s time for the first real trip…