Photo Albums

Since I’m trying to improve my skills as a photographer, and taking bazillions of pictures in the process, I thought I’d create a page where I can house some of the better pictures without cluttering up the main site. For each of the thumbnails below, click on the picture for a larger version, but be aware the files may be quite large.

2017 Western Tour

Marathon, Texas: After San Antonio, we stopped at a small campground in Marathon, prior to the drive down the next day to Big Bend, and we were treated to a blazing sunset.

Big Bend National Park: I was hoping to get some great shots of the night sky, or sunsets, or sunrises, but it was basically just cloudy every night. Still, even with flat light, the scenery can be very photogenic.

White Sands National Monument. Unfortunately, I delayed too long in applying for one of the “early access” passes that would have gotten me into the National Monument before sunrise, when the light is perfect for pictures and the overnight wind was wiped out most of the footprints. So I was limited to daytime pictures of less-than-perfect dunes.

Tucson, AZ. I had a long list of places to visit for photography, but we were so busy and had such a great time that mostly what I got were snapshots at our stops.

Monument Valley. Unfortunately, the day I was there the early morning lighting was just terrible. Everything was silhouetted, it was hazy and dusty, the wind was blowing like crazy, and the sun was right in my eyeballs. And, by the time I got out in the valley itself, the sun was high in the sky and the lighting was harsh. But it was grab what I could or get nothing. So, here’s what I got. Some of them were OK. In fact, I liked the one from the balcony so much I made it my banner picture.

Arches National Park.

Canyonlands National Park. The shot of Mesa Arch at sunrise really is such a classic, and I got so many shots, that it’s hard to pick a favorite. I like all of these for different reasons, although they all share the unspeakably beautiful qualities of the sunrise, the deep canyon, and the towering spires, all in one frame. What a place.

Bryce Canyon National Park. Definitely the weirdest place I’ve ever been to, although like most places, photographs of the place can’t capture the scale of the formations.

Zion National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park. As mentioned on the main page, conditions at Grand Canyon weren’t all that great for photograph until the last day, being hazy and sunny almost all the time.